Here! I live here!

by Jay Joslyn

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released July 18, 2014

Thank you "Wolf Street Studios"
Jacob Beyer - Harmonies, doing an awesome job mixing and mastering
Jenna Pepitone - Cello, Harmonies
Alex Heaton - Standup bass
Alex Shah - Harmonies, Also coming up with the kitschy cartoony ending of "A song about your blinds"



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Jay Joslyn Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Charming
you are the beautiful
lightly colored
abscess on the back of my heart
if you were proven terminal
I’d thank God for the moment you arrived
but you’ve been keeping me alive
you got my hopes so high
when you think I’m charming
maybe handsome
but it’s
nothing to base a life off of
so you shook me off so well
you got bored you had your fill
just another unfinished meal
I’ll get off your plate
Track Name: Here! I live here!
I’m untouched and jaded by love
the heartbeats gone shifty
with unclean and wrinkled short sleeves
the sunlight is breaking up the dust in the morning

revealed to my empty room
shared my head with the devil
unkissed, I’m still in love
with not just anyone
but myself
I’ve got myself
and I’m so deserved
of who’s single soul
but my own?

I’m untouched and jaded by love
reborn in my own mind
by the sound of thawing ice
as I’m crashing through the ground
now I’m alone in my bed
got the sun in my eyes
I’ve dismissed those demons

to all the girls I haven’t wronged
I will let you down
I’m only fun and confident
when nobody’s around
you can see it in my eyes
the good times are gone
I’m just a slowly getting older kid
I’ve got nobody to love

The hardwood floor is cold on my bare feet
I’m rubbing my head to the sounds of the city
uprooted by life I’m dignified this time
reprise: untouched, I’m jaded by
The hardwood floor still cold on my bare feet
Here! I live here! This is where I sleep!
and for myself I can never feel sorry
or fall victim again, to the whims of Milwaukee
while I call it home
Track Name: Radiator
I’ve spent my whole life
unaware completely
of the words
cities and beauty
to escape from your mouth
I was an old child
a novice to my perspective
how i felt so conflicted by
the dispositions in me
with the fatal earnings
of my wasted time
oh the frozen earth it aches
with the treachery
that I’ve found in my body
are you a statue?
in a bed
you’ve got the draft creeping in
and the radiator clicking
so loud
I swear I can hear it
Oh my God!
It’s crippling to be
so lonesome in the city
who’s fiery eyes are waiting?
just watching to sink their teeth in
all the words I’ve said
have no flavor
no those chemicals have gone away
though I looked so nice on the wrapper
does this mean we’ll dissipate
reborn into different matter?
in a puff of smoke
we let go
to what it is I’ve only had explained to me

my heart’s clumsy
my hands are unsteady
but you’re lovely
and are you happy without me?
Track Name: A song about your blinds
the nighttime fell heavy
on the blinds
you took a shallow breath to say goodnight
in me, you sensed my petty concerns
my worries how i seem uneasy
“is there something on your mind?”

“I’d very much like to kiss you darling,
I’m scared what that might mean
(WhAt ThAt MiGhT mEaN)
cause I might only have you
for the evening
and you seem so lovely
you might be into me”
(MiGhT bE iNtO mE
MiGhT MiGhT Be InTo Me)
Track Name: Your bad breath
about your bad breath
I kissed you in you sleep
your arm was resting on my chest
my arm has been taken from me
it’s beneath the weight of your body
you’re off, you’re far away
my only hope is you can keep me close
in your waking